Online marketing is much more effective than traditional off-line marketing such as newspaper ads and billboards because exposure and response are much easier to track. By analysing your data with web analytics, you can see how your campaigns are affecting visits to your website, overall sales, return on investment (ROI) and other important factors like keywords. Another advantage to marketing your products or services online is the ability to use permission marketing. This basically targets your campaign to people who actually want to see it instead of showing it to everyone and anyone, which in turn wastes money on pointless clicks and impressions.

Packages we offer:

Cork OnlinePPC / Google Adwords – Adwords Campaigns is the quickest way to get onto page one of Google and whats good is that you only pay google for each time people click on your ad, setting up Adwords Campaigns involves keyword research and designing your ads. Please call to find out what this will involve for your type of business.

Online Lookup Package – Designs a uniform company profile and registers to social media and online business directories / advertising sites.  

Be Found Online Package – Build a Google business page, Facebook page, Twitter page & designs a uniform company profile and register to social media and online business directories / advertising sites.

Online Maintenance Program: – A online maintenance program is available for updating and maintaining your online company presence in directories / online advertising / websites / facebook/ Linkedin/ twitter pages (monthly, quarterly or annually) .

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